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The Volume 2 Carolina Cotton CD comes with a full booklet of liner notes. For those of you who would like to look at the liner notes online (and in larger print), we provide the following info below from the booklet:

In the 1940s-50s, Carolina Cotton was part of the Western entertainment scene.  Like many of her contemporaries back then, she did it all...from B Westerns to rodeos, Radio and TV, to USO tours.  And she became best known for her unique cowgirl-style yodeling.  Several recordings of Carolina's have survived over the years...more than could fit onto "Yodeling Blonde Bombshell Volume 1".  We are happy to feature more of them in this Volume 2 album.

The title "Three Miles South Of Cash (In Arkansas)" may look familiar from the previous album. Yet this is a remake-version, recorded with Bob Wills in 1951.  As Texas Playboys pianist Skeeter Elkin recalls, this was perhaps the only record in which Bob Wills yodeled.  One of her most memorable tunes, Carolina later performed the yodeling duet with the likes of Keenan Wynn, Bob Hope, et al.  "I'm All Alone" was another tune in which Wills shares vocals.  Although theses sessions were done at the infamous Radio Recorders in Hollywood, Miss Cotton headed to Nashville to record "Boo Hoo Blues", and "Lovin' Ducky Daddy".

"I'd Love To Be A Cowgirl" was a popular song when Carolina was a member of several bands...those of Spade Cooley, Deuce Spriggens and Hank Penny.  While the backing band in this version is yet undetermined (it was discovered on an unlabeled cassette), it is agreed that it is most likely the Deuce Spriggens Orchestra.  And it is Spriggens' band featured on the acetate from an unknown radio show, playing an excellent arrangement of "Ragtime Cowboy Joe" (The same show included "Mama Yo Quiero", on the Volume 1 CD).  "I Been Down In Texas" is another Spriggens tune, which was showcased by Carolina and the band, in the Ken Curtis / Hoosier Hot Shots B Western , "That Texas Jamboree".  

Around 1947-48, the Yodeling Blonde Bombshell recorded 2 songs with indie label Crystal, based in Los Angeles.  Owned an run by Henry Schelb (also noted as Schleb, according to a longtime friend), he accompanied her on organ, playing the beautiful yodeling tune "Chime Bells".  The other song, "You've Got Me Wrapped Around Your Finger" featured The Broome Brothers, who also recorded with Crystal and appeared in many Western films. 

Carolina appeared on several Armed Forces Radio Service programs (mostly tracked at Radio Recorders).  The AFRS Ranch House Party was such show, where she was "the Hostess of the Party".  The house band was usually Foy Willing and The Riders of The Purple Sage, which performed "Yodel Mountain", and the Spanish number, "You Belong To My Heart".  On one episode, The Plainsmen backed Carolina on "Weary Lonesome Blues"...a duet sung with Andy Parker.  Between 1949-51, Miss Cotton appeared on "Redd Harper's Hollywood Roundup", another AFRS program.  "He's a Tough Hombre" livened up the airwaves on Redd's show.  The Navy Country Hoedown series (not part of AFRS) was a popular radio program as well.  Tex Williams and Carolina appeared together on one episode, and "Glad Rags" was the opening number.  She sang "I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Myself A Letter" on an episode hosted by longtime comrade Merle Travis.  From 1952-54, The Yodeling Blonde Bombshell had her own AFRS show, "Carolina Cotton Calls".  "Be Honest With Me" was from one of the earliest episodes, as well as "O Dem Golden Slippers"--a duet sung with Walkin' Talkin' Charley Aldridge (Charley, to this day, has fond memories of working with Carolina and the show).  The entire episode of Carolina Cotton Calls #89 is included here, bringing back the simpler day of Radio.  Yet it was the show's easy-going approach that kept many a soldier company.  Carolina was one of the Armed Forces Radio's most popular entertainers during the Korean War.

Whether performing a sultry Spanish tune or a lively Western Swing number, Carolina Cotton covered a wide variety of songs over the years, and worked with some of the best musicians around.  Yet it was her unique vocal skills that earned her the title she'll be best remembered for:  "Yodeling Blonde Bombshell".

-- Sharon Marie (Carolina's daughter)


Digital restoration and mastering:  Sharon Marie & Gary L. Batsch, B2 Studio, Bakersfield, CA

Album art by Lysa Luna

Booklet compilation by David Nigel Lloyd

Thanks to Ron Broome, Kevin Coffey and David Sax for use of their record collections and knowledge.

 And a special thanks for the love and support of everyone else who have helped make this album possible.

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1) Three Miles South Of Cash (In Arkansas)
     (Cotton), MGM 11130
     recorded at Radio Recorders, Hollywood, CA, Sept 17, 1951
     musicians:  Bob Wills And His Texas Playboys

2) Put Your Shoes On Lucy
     (Fort), recorded in Hollywood, 1949
     musicians: incl. Paul Sells
3) Boo Hoo Blues
     (Cotton), MGM 10798A
     recorded at Castle Studios, Nashville, TN, Oct 1950
     musicians: unknown+

4) Lovin' Ducky Daddy
     (Hopkins), MGM 10798B
     recorded at Castle Studios, Nashville, TN, Oct 1950
     musicians: unknown+

5) The Hoosegow Serenade
     (Reisfeld, Byron), recorded in Hollywood, 1949
     musicians: incl. Scotty Harrell, Paul Sells

6) I'd Love To Be A Cowgirl (But I'm A Scared Of Cows)
     (Gregory), source unknown
      musicians: poss. Deuce Spriggens Orchestra

7) Ragtime Cowboy Joe
    (Clarke, Muir, Abrahams), acetate transcription, unknown radio show, ca. 1945-46
     musicians:  Deuce Spriggens Orch

8) Be Honest With Me
     (Autry, Rose), Carolina Cotton Calls #4
      recorded at Radio Recorders, Hollywood, CA, 1952-54
     musicians: Charley Aldridge, Johnny Paul, Frank Takach,
     Abner Wilder, Art Wenzel

9) You Belong To My Heart
     (Gilbert, Lara),  transcription, AFRS Ranch House Party #34
      recorded at Radio Recorders, Hollywood, CA, 1946
      musicians: Foy Willing & The Riders Of The Purple Sage

10) I Been Down In Texas
      (Criner, Greene), Mercury 6010A
      recorded in Hollywood, CA, July 1946
      musicians: Deuce Spriggens Orch
11) Yodel Mountain
       (Martin), transcription, AFRS Ranch House Party #13
       recorded at Radio Recorders, 19446
       musicians: Foy Willing & the Riders of the Purple Sage

12) The Old Square Dance Is Back Again
       (Reid, Tobias), recorded in Hollywood, CA, 1949
       musicians: incl. Scotty Harrell, Paul Sells, Jonesy (caller)

13) Chime Bells
       (Miller, Britt), recorded in Hollywood, CA, 1947-48
       musicians: Henry Schelb (organ)

14) You've Got Me Wrapped Around Your Finger
       (Cooley, Porter), recorded in Hollywood, CA, 1947-48
       musicians: The Broome Brothers

15) Glad Rags
       (Bond), transcription, Navy Country Hoedown #55, ca. 1955
       musicians: Tex Williams and his band

16) I'm All Alone
       (Walker),  MGM 11288-A
       recorded at Radio Recorders, Hollywood, CA, Sept 17, 1951
       musicians: Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys

17) He's A Tough Hombre
       (Simon, Tobias), transcription, Redd Harper's Hollywood Roundup #234
       recorded at Radio Recorders, ca. 1949-51
       musicians: The Saddle Kings 

18) I'm Gonna Sit Right Down (And Write Myself A Letter)
       (Young, Ahlert)
      transcription, Navy Country Hoedown #93
      musicians: Merle Travis and band

19) Oh Dem Golden Slippers
       (Bland), transcription, Carolina Cotton Calls #5
       recorded at Radio Recorders, Hollywood, CA, 1952-54
       musicians: Charley Aldridge, Johnny Paul, Frank Takach,
       Abner Wilder, Art Wenzel
20) Where, Oh Where Has My Little Dog Gone (aka Dutch Warbler)
       (Winner), original acetate, from the Columbia film "Hoedown"
       recorded in Hollywood,

21) Weary Lonesome Blues
       (Delmore, Delmore), transcription, AFRS Ranch House Party #39
       recorded at Radio Recorders, 1946
       musicians:  Andy Parker and the Plainsmen

22) Carolina Cotton Calls #89 (AFRS)
       transcription, recorded at Radio Recorders, Hollywood, ca. 1952-54
       musicians:  The Rhythm Riders (Darol Rice, George Bamby,
       Slim Duncan, Joe Maphis, Mike Barton)     

+ The musicians are presumed to be some of Nashville's well-known session players.  They may have included Owen Bradley, Jerry Byrd, Jack Shook and Ernie Newton.


These songs were carefully restored with the latest digital technology.  Occasionally the sound quality varies, so as not to compromise the integrity of the original recordings.


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