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Film Festivals (Pt 3)
Front row, sitting (L-R): Gloria Henry, Carolina Cotton, Ann Rutherford, Alvy Moore. Back row, standing (L-R): John Pickard, Gene Evans, Gregg Palmer, "Arkansas" Slim Andrews, Michael Wayne and Gordie Peer.

1990 Nostalgia U.S.A., Inc.--Little Rock, AR

(June 28-30)

Location: Camelot Hotel

Guest Stars: Carolina Cotton, "Arkansas" Slim Andrews, Luster Bayless, Gene Evans, Gloria Henry, Lash LaRue, Alvy Moore, Gregg Palmer, Gordie Peer, John Pickard, Ann Rutherford, Michael Wayne

1990 was a busy year for Carolina.  She attended 2 Film Festivals that year.  The first was this intimate-but-lively gathering in Little Rock.  It was a great opportunity for fans to meet the Western stars of the Silver Screen, including those from their Home State.  Lash LaRue was not listed in the flyers but also appeared at the gathering.

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1990 Atlanta Film & Memorabilia Fair--Atlanta, GA

(October 12-14)

Location: Northside Hotel and Convention Center

Guest Stars: Carolina Cotton, Doreen Tracey, Stella Stevens, Lash LaRue, Peggy Stewart, Marie Windsor

The second Western film gathering Carolina attended in 1990 was in Georgia.  The Atlanta Film & Memorabilia Fair VI paid homage to Women In Film.  Five lovely ladies of the screen were honored guests.  One of Disney's Mouseketeers, Darlene Gillespie, was originally scheduled to appear.  Although she did not attend, another Mouse Club member--Doreen Tracey--was a special guest.   According to the flyer, Kirk Alyn was scheduled but was unable attend.  And many fans were happy to see the ever-popular Lash LaRue.

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At the Awards Banquet. L-R: Barry nelson, Gail Davis, Jim Schoenberger, Marshal Andy, Carolina, Jane Greer and John Agar.

1993 Western Film Caravan--Knoxville, TN

(May 20-22)

Location: Hyatt Regency Hotel

Guest Stars: Carolina Cotton, John Agar, Bob Allen, , Harry Carey Jr, Tom Corrigan, Gail Davis,  Jane Greer, Homer Harris, Ben Johnson, Jim "Fast Draw" McCown, Barry Nelson, Virginia Vale, Henry Wills


Carolina did not appear in any Film Festivals in 1991-1992. And she was very happy to be back among friends and fans at Knoxville's convention, as she put on a lively show at the Banquet.

Lash LaRue was asked to attend, but wasn't sure he could make it. So he surprised everyone

when he showed up at the last minute! (He gave an acceptance speech & poem, for the award

to be presented at a later time). Ben Johnson was not able to attend, due to obligations at NBC.

But a taped phone message was played for everyone at the Awards Banquet.

(Special thanks to Terry Swindol for his help in identifying these photos)