Sheriff's Annual Rodeo, early 1950s

From rodeos and parades, to onstage appearances, to fairs and grand store openings, Carolina was there. She also performed at numerous charity events, and evenually became known as Miss Good Samaritan.

Carolina learned to ride early in her career, and soon became an Outstanding Horsewoman. She often rode as Grand Marshalette at equestrian events.

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Below is a photo collection featuring just a few of Carolina's appearances. Click for more details!

Carolina with Doye O'Dell

(NOTE: all are in Los Angeles/Southern California area, unless otherwise noted. Tours and major shows with bands are noted in caps.)

Million Dollar Theater (Los Angeles), w/ Merle Travis (9/24/46)

Street Dance, (LA, Colfax and Lankershim), w/ Tex Williams (9/24/46)

Benefit for blast victims of Texas City (Riverside Rancho, 5/2/47)


Halloween Festival (10/20/47)

SILVER KING RANCH SHOW with Gene Gray, Eddie Dean and Tommy Duncan
(12 week tour, ca. 5/22/48)

St. Mary's All Western Days, El Cajon (8/31/48-1956)

CAVALCADE OF WESTERN MUSIC, w/ Texas Rangers, Cottonseed Clark, Shug Fisher (tour in WA, OR and CA, 11/48)

Shreveport LA tour (1947)

Orange County Peace Officers benefit (2/16/49)



CHUCK WAGON CAVALCADE, w/ Ralph Autry, Eddie Dean (5-6/49)

ANNUAL HOSS OPERA, San Francisco-Oakland, w/ Redd Harper, Peggy Stewart, Roy Rogers and Dale Evans, Ken Curtis, Sons of the Pioneers, Dude Martin, Tex Williams and many others, 11/19-20/49)

American Legion Fall Festival (9/49)

Forty-Niners Centennial Festival, Desert Hot Springs, w/ Jock Mahoney (10/8-9/49)

Grand Opening, Nubel Theater, w/ Doye O' Dell, (10/6/49)

OUT OF THIS WORLD SERIES, celebrity baseball (4th Annual 1950, 5th Annual 1951, 6th Annual 1952)

VILLAGE BARN, New York City (also shown on TV, ca. 8/23/49, 1/50)

Sun Valley Mayor Race (ran for Mayor, 1950)

5th Annual Police Show (7/15/50)

Benefit w/Bob Hope, San Diego (8/1/50)

Deuce Spriggens Orchestra, 1945
The All-Palomino Show, 1952

Flower Princess Contest (also broadcast on radio show "It's Fun to Be Young", ca. 8/17/50)

Boys Club Circus (9/14/50)

Beverly Hills Hospital TB Ward visits (10/31/50)

USC Homecoming Week (11/29/50)

Compton Bicycle Parade (1950)

NORTH POLE, Alaska (also Anchorage and Fairbanks, 12/51)

Visit with Korean vets, Seattle WA (5/4/51)

Studio City Anniversary Days celebration (ca. 3/21/51)

Rheumatic Fever Foundation, Show Business Revue (4/20/51)

Kawanis Club National Kids Day (ca. 9/28/51)

Miracle Mile / Cotton Week (5/12-19/52)

Spastic Childrens Foundation Benefit (ca. 2/7/52)

United Jewish Welfare Fund-Benefit (ca. 5/16/52, ca. 9/3/53)

Hollywood YMCA Boys Camp Rally benefit (ca. 6/19/52)

4th Annual Hyde Park Community Fair (9/12-13/52)

Friendly Hand Foundation benefit, Palladium (ca. 12/7/52)

Junior Fire Dept. Picnic, Griffith Park (ca. 6/52)

Adopted Childrens Association, Riverside Rancho (2/10/53)

SILVER SPUR, Las Vegas (5/11/53)

March of Dimes Benefit (2/17/53, 1/30/54)

Wilshire Blvd. Temple, Sisterhood Purim Festival (3/1/53)

Eastern Tour of hospitals, New York and Washington (5/53)

Whiskerino contest, Helldorado
Chuck Wagon Round-Up, 1949
Out Of This World Series, early 1950s
Flower Princess contest, August 1952

Indians in Arizona Benefit (ca. 6/19/53)

Miss Coronado Gay 90s Pageant (6/25/53)

Lawndale 4th Annual Pirate Days (ca. 9/4-7/53)

Shipmates gig, Baldwin Park (8/12/54)

Professional Bird Judges Association Championship Show (1/17/54)

THE WORLD DANCES (play, with Carolina as US folk singer), Rio Theater (ca. 9/19/54)

Kawanis Club (also shown on TV), Hawthorne (ca. 7/20/54)

Walley Fair Days, Baldwin Park (9/9-10/54)

New Hope Show benefit, Fiesta De San Gabriel (ca. 10/17/54)

Homecoming Celebration, Las Cruces, NM (10/9/54)

10th Annual Eagle Scout Recognition Dinner (ca. 10/25/54)

San Gabriel Mission, 184th Anniversary Fiesta (9/4/55)

Scout Jamboree (2/5/55)

Girl Scout Party, Shrine Auditorium (ca. 3/12/55)

Rescue Mission, Coliseum Show, El Paso TX (6/5/55)

Uncle Ted's Fund fotr Handicaped Children, South Africa (ca. 4/3/56)

SOUTH AFRICAN TOUR, Cerebral Palsy hospitals-benefit, w/ Merle Travis, Keenan Wynn, Zsa Zsa Gabor and other celebrities (5-6/56)

Mini-European Tour (6/14-18/56)

Country-Western Jamboree, Denver, CO (ca. 8/5/56)

UN Folk Ballad Jubilee (10/23/56)

Gardena Fiesta Days, June 1950
March of Dimes benefit


(events with an asterisk * indicate Carolina Cotton as Grand Marshalette)

All World Championship Rodeo--Cavalcade of the West, Gilmore Stadium (5/11/47)

Santa Claus Parade, Gardena (12/12/47)

Parade at Main and Gardena (4/8/48)

Annual Palm Springs Rodeo (12/48)

El Segundo Centennial Fiesta (Carolina was the "Masked Rider", 10/18/48 and 9/8/49)

Yucca Valley Grubstakes Day Parade*

Wild West Thrill Show, Gardena (1/2/49)*

Palm Springs Rodeo / Parade (2/4/49)

Rolling Hills Rodeo (5/7/49)

Burbank Western Days and Whiskerino, Parade (5/16-20/49, 5/16-20/51)*

Wild West Rodeo, LA Coliseum (6/26/49)

CA State Firemans Association Convention / Parade (9/18/49, 9/18/51)

Lysele(sp) Greeman World Championship rodeo, San Bernadino (10/6/49)


COCHELLA VALLEY (Indio / Palm Desert) CHRISTMAS PARADE, in All American Canal (incl. show w/ Jock Mahoney, Gabby Hayes, Eddie Bennett, 12/15/49)

Fiesta Days, Gardena

1st Horse Show - Field Day, Western Wrangler (4/30/50)

Huntington Park Christmas Lane Parade (5/23/50)*

All Junior Horse Show (6/3/50)

4TH OF JULY CELEBRATION, Slippery Gulch (later renamed Melody Ranch), Newhall (7/4/50)

FALL FIESTA, San Angelo, Texas (8/1950)

London Riding Store grand opening (ca. 9/27/51)

Pio Pico Fiesta Days (10/5-7/51)

14th Annual Pioneer Days, Twenty Nine Palms (1951)

ALL-PALOMINO SHOW, Eaton OH (6/28-29/52)

SHERIFFS ANNUAL CHAMPIONSHIP RODEO, LA Coliseum (8/25/52, 8/23/53, 8/22/54, 8/12/56)

Hollomne(sp) AFB Rodeo, Parade, Truth or Consequences NM (ca. 3/27/52)

HELLDORADO, Las Vegas NV (also parade, Whiskerino, 5/15/52, 1953, 1954, 5/12/55)


Rodeo of the Stars (ca. 2/5/53)


Horse Show (aka Tri City All-Western Horse Show?), Long Beach (ca. 5/30/53)

1st Annual Rodeo, Evans Park, Riverside (5/8-9/54)

7th Annual Days of the Verdugo (ca. 6/2-5/54)

Golden Anniversary Jubilee (7/4/54)*

Navy Relief Rodeo (Carolina was Rodeo Queen, 8/27-29/54)

Festival, Truth or Consequences NM (ca. 4/56)

Sheriffs Annual Rodeo, Riverside (Carolina was their 1st Queen, 5/19-20-56)

Norco Valley Fair-Parade (9/1/56)

All Western Days
Carolina Cotton's Tiny Town, 1952
Cotton Week, 1952.
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